Peer STEM Transfer Mentors

Dylan Cline


Biological Sciences Major

Transferred from: Citrus College

Future Career Goals: My plan is to attend medical school after completing a Medical Post-bacc program. I hope to one day specialize in Emergency Medicine.

Campus Involvement: Emergency Medicine Research Associates Program (EMRAP)

Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I like to hike, rock-climb, play music (piano, guitar, bagpipes), play video games and reading.

Ask Me About: You can ask me about transitioning to a university from a community college, balancing school, work and a social life. Also, ask me about anything STEM related, volunteering, learning to love to commute to school, and internships. I’ve also done some of the following so, ask me about getting involved in research, being a pre-med, and deciding what to do after UCI. And finally, ask me about taking care of mental health, writing, and coffee. I’m always happy to listen and help, feel free to ask me about anything!

Shivani Patel


Public Health Sciences

Transferred from: Cypress College

Future Career Goals:  To be a part of the climate change disaster management or create new vaccines/antibiotics in the lab

Campus Involvement: Public Health Associations (P.H.A)

Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: I love going to Dodger games and Disneyland. I also love ice skating, playing the piano, and of course, sleeping!

Ask Me About: You can ask me about being a successful transfer student. You can also ask me about making schedules, to-do lists, being a STEM major, and planning out your classes. Moving away from what we’re so used to can be hard so if you have questions I can talk about what it was like to move away from home for the first time, how to stay motivated, or anything else! I would love to help out in any way possible!

Sazeda Sultana


 Informatics Major with Specialization
in Organizations and Information Technology

Future Career Goals: To become an UX designer

Campus Involvement: Campuswide Honors,  Associated Students – UCI (ASUCI)

Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies: Cooking

Ask Me About: Some of the things I enjoy doing are make-up and being involved on campus so you can come to me for any of the following. Come ask me about doing make-up, research involvement, School of Information and Computer Science majors, and transitioning from community college to university. Coming from a CC to a University can be hard so, ask me about adjusting to the quarter system. If you need to vent about family issues, needing help if facing any obstacle or difficulty in life and feeling uncomfortable to share with anyone else, needing any help on anything, I’m here!

Jessica De la Cruz


Aerospace Engineering Major

Transferred from: El Camino College

Future Career Goals: My future goals are to work for a leading aerospace engineering company and become a Project Manager of an engineering team. I plan to come back for a graduate degree in the future.

Campus Involvement: Manufacturing Engineer for the 2018-2019 Solar Airplane Engineering Project, STEM Transfer Program

Favorite Pastimes/Hobbies:  I love dancing salsa and listening to Latin music. I also like to watch TV shows, makeup videos, and spend time with my family and friends.

Ask Me About: Because of my own background, you can ask me about how to succeed in college as a low income and immigrant student. You can also ask me about what it’s like to be a woman studying engineering and how to prepare to do well in classes. Finally, you can even ask me about how to take care of yourself by managing your time. Don’t be shy! I would love to sit down and answer any questions! Ask away!