Peer STEM Transfer Mentors

Name: Chad Bishop

Major/minor: Mechanical Engineering
Transferred from: Santa Ana College
Involvement: SAGE Scholars Program and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Future Plans: I would like to work in the field as a mechanical engineer then go back to school for a Master’s in Business.
Hobbies: Making beats, playing kendama, reading, walking in nature, and relaxing with friends.
Ask me about: Effective studying methods, finding internships, trending topics in engineering, and anything related to music.

Name: Mary Angadol

Major/Minor: Chemistry
Transferred From: Mt. San Jacinto College
Involvement: Chemistry Honors Research and Campuswide Honors Program
Future Plans: Work in a lab and perhaps go to graduate school and earn my PhD
Ask me About: The transition from a community college to a university, how to reach out to faculty/professors and TAs, how to get involve in research

Name: Yhardfah Tiemsanjai 

Major/Minor: Biological Sciences/Comparative Literature
Future Career Goals: Researcher
Favorite Pastime/Hobbies: Exploring, practicing yoga, drumming
Ask me about: Commuting to campus, study spots, shifting to a quarter system